Honda Curriculum

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Course Overview:

  • Control cables
  • Construction and function
  • Leak testing
  • Recovery, evacuation, and charging
  • Refrigeration and electrical systems diagnosis
  • Climate control system operation and diagnosis


Course Overview:

  • Construction and function of conventional brakes, ABS, TCS, and VSA
  • Inspection
  • Brake disc refinishing, pad/shoe replacement
  • Master cylinder/booster pushrod adjustment


Course Overview:

  • Installing remanufactured automatic transmission
  • Construction and function
  • Mechanical and electrical diagnosis to determine need for replacement or external repair
  • CVT and VTM-4
  • Construction and function
  • Hydraulic clutch adjustment
  • Precision measurement
  • Overhaul


Course Overview:

Electrical Fundamentals

  • Battery
  • HDS
  • Digital meter
  • Ohms Law (voltage, current, resistance)
  • Circuits
  • Electrical Troubleshooting Manual
  • Terminal repair


Electrical Systems

  • B-CAN
  • Power sliding doors/tailgate
  • Immobilizer
  • DPMS
  • Navigation
  • Hybrid
  • HFL
  • Entertainment systems

Electrical Advanced

  • Electronic components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, and control units)
  • Inputs and outputs
  • Multiplex
  • Key off draw testing
  • Troubleshooting


Battery Electric Vehicle

  • Battery removal, handling and installation
  • Battery master switch
  • 110 V and 240 V charging
  • Brake system
  • 110 V and 240 V charging
  • HVAC service and equipment
  • Keyless remote, smart phone operation


Course Overview:

  • Precision measurement
  • Compression and leakage testing
  • Engine overhaul
  • Construction and function
  • Valve adjustment
  • Engine repair, belts, chains


Course Overview:

Express Tech

  • Service information
  • Hydraulic lift operation
  • Torque procedures
  • Initial checks
  • Exhaust system/clutch/steering system/ drive line/suspension inspection
  • Drive belt/cooling hose/tire/ battery/fluid level inspection
  • Brake inspection
  • Oil and oil filter/drive train fluid replacement
  • Maintenance Minder operation
  • Technician choreography


Course Overview:

Fuel & Emissions Basic

  • HDS high speed snapshot and drive recorder set-up
  • Ignition timing control
  • H02S function/diagnostics
  • Evaluating system inputs
  • Fuel system analysis and troubleshooting
  • Idle system
  • VTEC
  • Readiness monitors and OBD status

Fuel & Emissions Advanced

  • Input/output/DTC diagnosis
  • Misfire analysis and T/S
  • Fuel trim analysis and T/S
  • EGR testing and T/S
  • A/F sensor operation
  • Enhanced evaporative T/S
  • LEV II Evaporative T/S
  • ORVR Testing


Course Overview:


  • New model technical information guides
  • Individualized Skills Training introduction
  • Service information/Tech Line introduction
  • Warranty repair order processing
  • Express Service skills
  • HDS introduction
  • Precision measuring tools
  • Threaded fasteners and torque
  • Brake system servicing

Pre-Delivery Inspection

  • Pre-delivery inspection skills
  • Basics of troubleshooting introduction
  • T/S squeaks and rattles/wind noise/water leaks
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Valve train inspection and adjustment
  • Troubleshooting wheel and tire vibrations
  • Inspecting drive lines, suspension, and steering
  • Troubleshooting alignment problems
  • TPMS introduction
  • Drive train fluid replacement


Course Overview:

  • Construction and function
  • Cable reel replacement
  • Occupant detection system inspection and calibration
  • Component deployment
  • SRS system troubleshooting and repair


Course Overview:

  • Construction and function
  • Alignment
  • TPMS