Find a school and sign up for the program. This is what you will receive:
  • Brand Specific Skills & Training Needed to Become a Honda or Acura-Certified Technician
  • State of the Art Training on Honda & Acura Automobiles by Honda & Acura-Certified Instructors
  • Hands-on Experience with Honda & Acura Special Tools
  • Hands-on Experience with Honda & Acura Automobiles
  • Internship at a Honda or Acura Dealership – Earn Money While You Train!
  • Lifelong Career Opportunities!


Get your school signed up with PACT. This is what your school will be gaining:
  • Major brand recognitionRanke from one of the largest, and most well-known Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Honda & Acura-Certified Instructors
  • Honda & Acura Curriculum
  • Honda & Acura Special Tools & Equipment
  • Honda & Acura Automobiles as Training Aides
  • 100% Support from the Honda PACT Program


Find out what the PACT program means for your dealership.
  • Qualified Entry-Level Technicians
  • 60% of GoldStar Completion
  • 100% Self-Study Modules Completed
  • Career-Oriented Students – Associate’s degree or Certificate earned.
  • Product Familiarization
  • Brand Committed
  • Increased Profitability
  • Increased Survey Scores – Fixed Right the First Time

What is PACT All About?

If you have the desire to be a part of one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, then we can help you get there. PACT will give you the skills you need to be successful in the Honda & Acura dealer network.

In a 2 year Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) program you’ll learn to maintain, diagnose and repair one of the world’s most popular brands of automobiles. Our successful graduates will earn 10 valuable certifications. You will learn the skills and gain the experience valued by Honda/Acura dealerships and independent shops.

PACT students tackle electrical fundamentals, engines, fuel and emissions, and more. PACT standards, operations and procedures used in the field are also covered. These programs are available for active students who meet the pre-requisite requirements.

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